Booking campsites for your road trip around Scotland

There is nothing better than the freedom of the open roads and the ability to wild camp in Scotland. However you may wish to book into a campsite from time to time. The popularity of touring and camping means that the campsites get very busy especially around Easter, June, July and August.  If you are intending to book into a campsite, we recommend that you call or email the campsite in advance and make a reservation to avoid disappointment. 


We are delighted to offer our customers up to 30% discounts through our Motorhome Hire Scheme for Camping and Caravan Club Campsites and Camping in the Forest Campsites.  Our membership gives you access and discounts  to over 110 campsites throughout the UK.  This is a one off discount which can be used at the end of the booking site.  To book Forrest Sites please contact the call centre.  


Tips when booking your campsite: 

You will be asked if you would like a hook up or non-hook up pitch.  A Scottish Adventure Campervan has a powerful leisure battery that will recharge as you drive it so if you are driving around Scotland each day, you won’t necessarily need to hook up at a campsite.  We also have a solar panel on the roof which also helps to keep the leisure battery charged.  It is a good idea however if you are at site to give the battery a full charge every 2-3 days or so.  You can also check the battery level in the van.  You should make sure that it does not fall below 12v.   Please note that if you are looking to use the 240v socket in the campervan, then you will need to have electric hook up.   The radio in the campervan does not use the leisure battery therefore if you are stopped and use the radio, it will drain the main battery and the campervan may not start.  We suggest bringing a small speaker with you to listen to music.


"Wild Camping"

Ideally it is advised to book at a campsite and support the local economy, however if this is not possible,  you can  "wildcamp" .  Please observe restriction in the Loch Lomond & the Trossachs National Park.

Here are a few of our wild camping tips:

  • Make sure you take all of your rubbish with you.

  • Keep all food and rubbish inside your campervan overnight, to avoid it being investigated by animals.

  • Avoid parking in sight of people’s houses overnight. Understandably, people value their privacy.

  • Keep a low profile – avoid loud music, potential hazards such as BBQs, etc.

  • Don’t put the awning up, unless there’s nobody around for miles.

  • If you want to stay the night in a pub car park, ask the landlord’s permission first, and buy a meal and some drinks.

  • Responsibly dispose of your sewer waste. This will mean waiting until you find a designated disposal point.

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