Drivers must be aged 25-75

If you answer YES to any of the following your will not be permitted to drive the vehicle. 

  • Have you held a driving licence for less than 2 years?

  • Have you had your driving licence suspended within the last 3 years?

  • Have you more than 6 minor points  (2 x 3 points) on your Driving Licence. 

  • Have you had more than 1 fault accident in the last 3 years?

  • Have you ever been disqualified from driving?

  • Have you had any DD convictions? (ie dangerous driving etc)

  • Have you ever had a UT Conviction? (aggravated taking of a vehicle)



  • Driving Licence  

  • DVLA Check Code (A4 printout) (UK only 


Two of the following for each driver which must show their name and current address

  • Bank Statement  within last 3 months 

  • Credit Card Statement  within last 3 months 

  • Utility Bill (not mobile) within last 3 months 

  • Council Tax Bill current bill within last 3 months

Please note we can only accept the exact documents above.  If you are unable to provide any of the above then please contact us.

*Visitors from abroad must produce a valid endorsed domestic driving licence or international driving
licence as well as a passport.